23-08-2014 16:32:52

The XL version is getting its shape

It might seem that the only activity of Intercity Bike till now has been taking orders but nothing is less true. The first 7 DF's have now been delivered and there is a 2nd mould has been made which makes it possible to make 2 DF's per week

Daniel has arranged a new workshop at www.fietscentrum Nijmegen.nl  where models and molds can be made for the bodywork of the bike. The first project in the new workshop has been launched, the DF XL

Daniel cut hard copy of the current DF  into pieces after having determined exactly where and how much the bike has to be bigger. This is a very imprtant job and if done well it will save a lot of filler work later at the finish. Also, the section lines chosen so that the front and rear wheel arches, caps and intake remain exactly the same as that of the DF.

The puzzle starts with the back, the bike is above the shoulders 3 cm higher and 1.5 cm wider.

The bottom and wheel arches have their place, the XL version is going to be 5.5 cm longer.

The position of the entry edge're also captured, the entrance hole will be2 cm longer, along with the 3 cm extra hight long legs will easier slide through the hole.

All parts are placed now,

Filling, grinding and polishing can start.

For those who understand the German Language, there is also a tread on this subject with more pictures and comment on the 

<a href="http://www.velomobilforum.de/forum/index.php?threads/der-chriurgische-eingriff-df-xl.39459/">German Velomobilforum</a></p>



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