Proto 4-wheeler is on (and beside) the road

05-11-2016 14:07:10

The followers of the German Velomobilforum have already noticed, the prototype bike Interciy 4 wheeler is on the road now. Special about this bike is that only one wheel is driven, therefore the technique is simple and takes a minium of room in the boot. The 10v derailleur unit can be combined with a Rohloff 14 v hub giving you infinite gears over a very wide range, handy if you want to race and travel with luggage on vacation with the same bike.

Drive train with 10 speed derailleur and Rohloff hub in between.

No fear for lack of traction

or steep slopes

This bike is a one-off (made without moulds) prototype to test the concept. If the bicycle will make it to the market we will certainly also work on the final looks. The idea is that it should be possible to create a bike with (much) more luggage capacity without compromising speed and weight. We also want the bike particularly practical for daily use by equipping the bike with 4 equal (braked) wheels so for example, makes it usefull to carry a spare wheel for quick flat fixing.


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