Open door day and racing sunday 22-10-2017

07-10-2017 13:14:20

It does not seem long ago to us but but it has already been for 2 years now that Intercity Bike moved to the workshop at Koperweg 3 in Dronten. Many have already visited the location, if not for test rides, collecting a DF or service it might have been at the "oliebollentour 2016" but we never officially opened the building. Also because the company Alligt moved into our building now, we think there is a good reason for doing so now.

We like to show the facilities we build for Intercity Bike and Alligt and we started a velomobile museum.

drawings of the interior of the workshop


From 10 am we will be present with coffee

11.00 pm opening of the velomobile museum by Johan Vrielink, founder of Flevobike, with the introduction of the Alleweder kit he opened the market for velomobiles in the Netherlands and inspired many others with this.

13.00 hours Race on the dyke Lelystad-Enkhuizen (for those travelling by bike from Dronten departing 11.45, arriving back in Dronten approx 16.30)

17.00 hrs joint meal for racers and anyone who is still there, for logistics, sign up at the day before 14:00

For those who come by bike by far there is the possibility to stay overnight before and after the day, bring your own sleeping bag and mattras. We will provide breakfast.

To race

The sporty velomobilists can combine the visit with participating in the traditional time trial Lelystad-Enkhuizen-Lelystad. The race starts at 13.00 at the parking lot at the locks at the entry of the "houtribdijk" in Lelystad. To articipate please register on

Foto Wim Schermer, LEL 2014

Velomobile museum

For a long time we hat thoughts about setting up of a Velomobile Museum. We already collected some  "museum pieces", including a Flevobike Alleweder and the spins off like the C-Alleweder, Quest and Versatile. In addition, we have Leitra, the only really practically useful velomobile that is completely covered and also a Sinclair C5, the only velomobile ever built mass in production (production line with capacity of 100 vehicles per hour) but also one of the larger failed projects (but 14,000 have been made). We hope to be able to collect more velomobiles and especially information, but already like to show what we have. And of course we are open for any suggestion to  improve and enlarge the museum.

Museum in progress

Co-operation with Alligt

Alligt is hiring space in the building of Intercitybike. Alligt has an separate office and room for the big milling machine in the building, but we have a joint showroom, warehouse and metal workshop. Although we are separate companies we hope to inspire and help each other with the development of velomobiles.

Farewell to Frank and hello to Peter

Since October 2015 Frank Cornelese is working at Intercitybike where the customers know him as a friendly, patient and a very handy mechanic. Unfortunately for us he is going to emigrate to Australia where his wife Harriet comes from. We wish him all the best (one of our Australien customers already contacted him to service his DF in the future) and we found Peter Haan as a good successor. Peter has been driving velomobiles for a long time and has been a recumbent and standard bike mechanic for a many years. At the moment, Frank is teaching Peter all he has to now about the DF. Frank and Peter will both be present this day.

Frank (in green) and Peter (red) working on a DF (yellow)


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