15-12-2018 15:57:38

After the introduction of the DF, Daniel worked hard on the development of the DFXL in 2014. He did his utmost to finish him on my birthday October 20, 2014, so that I could ride the dike race Lelystad Enkhuizen on this day.

Daniel Fenn on the job on our former workshop in Nijmegen

It is of course not a good idea to make your first ride in a race right away, the seat was not quite right yet and a flat tire did not help either. But the potential was already clear, this bike was fast. After Daniel had extensively tested and measured the bicycle, I took it into use in Feb 2015 with the first big ride the winter-11 city tour.

Since then I have driven more than 60,000 km with this bike, and it has not let me down. In addition to a chain and set of gears and a set of brake and derailleur cables, a dozen spokes, a rim and a number of tires, there is no structural part reparaired on this bike and all parts are still original.
But while the mechanical heart of dfxl0 is still vital, the body of this bike has suffered quite a bit, like car door through the nose, crash at 60 km/h on the cycling track by tyre blowout, cyclist of 130kg against the flank, a collision with a mountain of snow appeared to be frozen, blown away in a storm. A representative of Intercitybike can not really show up with that...

"cleaner transport tour" summer 2018

That was anyway the clear language from Jan Trenson. We drove together to Dronten from Friesland after the "clean transport tour" event. This QV rider from Ghent (B) was surprised about the cornering speed of the DF but even more about the fact that a representative of ICB appeared with such a battered bike. I said "you can see that it is used properly", but the idea was grounded and so we handed in the bike to Mike van Special Colors at the beginning of December, just around the corner at ICB.

Mike did want this job and did his best,

Thanks Mike!

DFXL1 on the road again

Am very happy with the result and off we go to the 100,000 km. And on this occasion, happy holidays and see you at the oliebollentocht?

Greetings, Ymte

This design also in different colours will be available on 2019 new df's, also with the reflective striping desinged by ICB worker Peter Haan



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