Virus update, production delay but still possibilities to ride a new velomobile soon

09-04-2020 14:40:10

It will be Easter soon and a DF driver who wishes to remain anonymous sent us this cheerful image.

500 DF's and DFXL's have been delivered maybe a bit unnoticed, in 6 years. A joyful fact that we will certainly want to pay attention to when we are allowed to move freely again.

Last week, after the factory in Romania has temporarily been closed, all velomobiles that were in production were brought to Dronten. A further 3 new DFs have been delivered and a number of Milans and Alpha 7s are now being delivered via Dronten.

The new bicycles are partly delivered as a kit, extra work for our mechanic Peter

The velomobile museum has been evacuated temporarily to make room for At this spot the Milans and Alpha's (by the director himself Jan Wijnen) are made ready for delivery.

Due to the temporary closure of the factory, orders will be delivered wit delay and new orders will have a longer delivery time than the usual 2-3 months. For those who still want to get in a velomobile quickly, we do have a number of options.

We have a beautiful 2-color metallic painted XL that was made to show at the Spezi fair, a new milan GT and SL and the used DF190 and XL136 on offer.

This DF XL with iq-x headlight and lifting bracket and smooth-running comfortable G-one tires front and rear is available immediately.  SOLD

Also available immediately a brand new milan SL and a GT in metallic blue / white duo color, both the latest MK5 version   BOTH MILANS SOLD

DF 190delivered in  2019,  less than 3000 km on the meter, was traded in after a damage, expertly repaired and repainted, available for euro 6,250  SOLD

DFXL136 has also been traded in after a damage and taken by Ymte last summer after severly crashing his DFXL1 in a race in Belgium. Colleague Peter had now found time to refurbisch DFXL1 and Ymte liked to continue riding in his old familiar bicycle. SOLD

That is why this bicycle, which has some signs of wear, but is technically in good condition and is still far from being worn after 23000 km, is available for EUR 4650.










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