Possible installation error with wheel crossbars DF / XL from 1-1-2018 / 06-2020

02-07-2020 11:24:12

It has happened with some bicycles that the stainless steel crossbar of the suspension has broken off due to metal fatigue. If this happens, the front wheel will derange and rub in the wheel box and you will not be able to continue cycling. The bar can move in rubbers in the middle of the bike, but if the nut is tightened too much, the bar has too much resistance during movement by bouncing the bike and can eventually break off. It concerns df / xl delivered from 1/1/2018 to 6/30/2020. Older and newer bicycles have a rod head at the mounting so that the rod can always move freely.

The bikes in question are identified by the cavity behind the steering head where the rods are mounted. If this cavity is not there, you df do not have this problem.

To avoid a break down the road, we recommend checking whether the rod has sufficient freedom of movement and, if necessary, loosen the nut slightly. You do this as follows:

you should now be able to move the rod up and down a few centimeters without much resistance

If necessary, loosen the rod a little, this can be done by clamping the nut with needle-nose pliers and twist the rod by the ball head a little (counterclockwise). However, the bar should not be so loose that you can move it back and forth in the longitudinal direction. We can also do this job for you free of charge in our workshop in Dronten. If you do not trust your bars, we can send new ones at shipping cost. We will send a version of galvanized steel which is much less sensitive to fatigue failure. After mounting, the track of the bicycle must be checked and adjusted if necessary. Sorry for the inconvenience, regards, Ymte and Peter.







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