Quickly on the road with your velomobile in 2021

09-01-2021 13:22:56

For those who want to start 2021 well and want to get into their velomobile without long delivery times, we have great offers.

At first 2 used velomobiles, DF 209, thisone has been tradet in with a minor collision damage to the tail but neatly repaired, fully equipped with 2x11 gears, iq-x headlight and top light, 2 mirrors and a lifting bracket and with 1 year and only 5000 km left as new. SOLD

Next to it is a white DF-XL, this bike from 2016 has a little more experience with 35,000 km on the clock, but is far from worn out. This bike was traded in with damage to the nose, which we technically repaired but painted with the roller, technically 100% but not completely invisible, but, "what you see is what you get". The bike is also complete with flashing lights in the mirrors, double cyo premium headlight. top light and lifting bracket.  SOLD

Both bikes have the 2020 steering geometry update.

We have 2 demo-Milans in the showroom 2020 model MK6. The white/red SL is brand new with 0 km on the clock, the green / white GT has driven 27 test kilometers here in the polder. At the moment the designers are working on the MK7 version, which is also reason for us to sell our demo bikes.

Why buy a MK6 model when there is an MK7 coming? The MK7 Milan is not finished yet and will have a delivery time of at least 6 months and these Milans have already had a major upgrade ex factory, they are equipped with the DF rear spring / damper that will soon also be standard on the MK7. And last but not least, we offer them with a 10% discount and the metallic paint on the GT is not charged.  (sold)

If you are interested in any of these bikes or a new df(xl)you can call or email or come and have a closer look, greetings, Ymte and Peter.



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