Alpha 9 has arrived at Intercity Bike

28-05-2022 14:03:52

Daniel Fenn was so proud of his latest velomobile that he thought that Ymte from Intercitybike, which is 2 meters long and until now had to be fitted into his velomobiles with a shoehorn, should now have a bicycle that simply fits comfortably. And with the right to be proud, because he has succeeded in making a velomobile that is spacious for people of 2 meters tall and even allows the choice to ride with shoe size 48 with 170 mm cranks. Last week the time had come and the "himmelblaue, heavenly blue" A9 could be picked up at Daniel's home and workplace in southern Germany.

The A9 is fitter by the master himself

What immediately will be noted is that the bike is huge compared to other velomobiles. This gives an unprecedented feeling of space, even if you are 2 meters tall and the surprise is that this is not at the expense of speed. Apparently, the aerodynamic shape is so favorable that the larger surface area is (amply) compensated for. What is also striking about the bicycle is the beautiful finish with magnetic covers for the nose and for the wheel axles, so that you can still easily remove the front wheels despite the closed wheel arches.

The bike has "pantzerlenkung", tank steering with 2 nice carbon handles on the left and right of the seat. That takes some getting used to, but the bike steers very neutrally, even in crosswinds. You can operate the brakes on the left and right independently, also something to get used to, but while braking in the bend you can now prevent the then little loaded inner wheel from blocking.

Of course, all design choices have pros and cons. At 81 cm, the bicycle is so wide that you can choose to use it on the road in the Netherlands. It's nice that it looks bigger. Yet it is often more relaxed riding on the bike path and then the size is not an advantage, just like in your shed or if you want to take it with you in a car.

In addition to the frontal surface, the air resistance of a velomobile is mainly determined by major distortions in the shape, such as the open front wheel arches and your head. This bike therefore has closed front wheel arches and because of the large convex nose your head is largely out of the wind. The advantage is also less wind in your face without having to use a visor, but here again, the view of the road is much less and that takes some getting used to, especially on bicycle paths.

The bike is a personal gift from Daniel to Ymte, but we would like to give everyone who is interested the opportunity to come and see the bike and discover all the interesting details not yet mentioned here. And if you fit, you can also take a test drive. And if you are completely enthusiastic, you can also order the bike at Intercity |Bike. If the concept appeals to you, but you are not a giant of 190-200 cm, then you can contact our colleagues from, who have the M9, a bicycle with the same idea, just as wide and long but slightly less high. Below a few impressions and a comparison with the df-xl.




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