here's the Tuna

15-12-2022 21:23:07

Here is the Tuna, a number of customers have already seen it, we have been driving it ourselves since August and we like it. If you look closely you will see the lines of the DF (of which 700 have now been made) but there was also a customer who believed that we had made the new Quest. We see that as a compliment, the Quest has long been the benchmark in the velomobile market, but the Tuna wants to be more compact, lighter and stiffer as well as more practical and easier to maintain. It certainly has the streamlined shape with the closed front wheel arches and the stable steering behavior in wind, but there are also numerous novelties that make the bicycle more user-friendly and practical

What immediately stands out are the front wheel covers, which are removable for easy maintenance, with a twist of the pin at the top they are loose.

What also immediately stands out when you remove the lid is the wheel size. Until now, velomobiles had the size 406 (mm of rim bottom diameter) and the Tuna here has 349 mm. That is the size of the Brompton folding bikes, so rims and tires are also available in shapes and sizes because a lot of them are made. Small wheels could have a higher rolling resistance, but we cannot notice this on the paved road. An advantage of smaller wheels is that there is more room to steer, so the Tuna has the same turning circle as the DF despite the closed wheel arches. The wheel arches can also be smaller, making the bike more spacious inside. Smaller wheels are lighter and stronger, and if you want to take a spare front wheel with you, they take up less space. And the smaller wheels certainly do not provide less ground clearance, to drive smoothly over road bumps we have raised it slightly compared to. the DF

The cover of the tunnel between the front wheels can also be detached, so you can easily reach everything

The (adjustable) headlight is mounted high for an optimal light image. The taillights/turn signals are now standard from Kellerman for very good rear visibility. And we have thought of many other things, such as an easily and widely adjustable seat (this means that the Tuna can be supplied in a size for people from about 160 to 200 cm tall). Furthermore, there is now also the option of quickly accessible front luggage compartments through the magnetic nose cover. For those who have become curious, we have a mint green test Tuna, feel free to take a test drive. The production of the Tuna has started and it is currently available in approximately 2 months. For introduction, it has the same price as the Df (ready to ride from euro 9800) From mid-December you can also see and try at our South German dealer Hovelo and from the end of January also at Axel Knaus in Hessen and Elmar Maier in Huefingen.


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