Better straight-line stability for the DF (XL)

08-07-2020 10:53:59

The DF steers light and direct, many people like that. But at high speed and / or a lot of wind you would sometimes want a more quiet steering behavior. The steering of the DF (XL) can be adjusted for this. Please note, the bicycle steers heavier which can be less pleasant with sharp turns at low speed. Each his / her own optimum. Adjustment can be done by extending the steering plates and possibly moving the middle ball joint a little further out.

To extend the steering plate at the front you need an extension plate. You can screw this with an m6 bolt in the existing hole for the pulling rod, the 5 mm hole in the plate can then be drilled in the steering plate so that the plate can be fixed with 2 screws. The tie rod ball joint is now mounted on the new plate. The tie rod must now be shortened, this can be done by turning the nuts at the body so that the rod protrudes further into the wheel box. You can also saw it off. Make sure that the rubbers are not too tight so that the rod can move smoothly. However, you should not be able to move it lengthways.

If you do this, your bike will steer straight ahead much more easily. If you want to do a little more work, you can replace the mounting in rubbers of the pull rod with a ball joint. The steering becomes even easier when the resistance of the rod in the rubbers is gone.

To mount the ball joint you have to drill a new hole (6 mm) in the body

The hole should be drilled at the same height as the old hole, you can keep a space with the wall for the ball head of 3 mm.

the ball head must be mounted on both sides with a body washer, you can reuse the old mounting parts

The tow bar must protrude 6 cm from the ball head on the steering plate Make sure that the counter nuts at the ball heads are always tightened, otherwise the rod can move and damage the thread in the rod head. You can further optimize the steering by placing the ball head of the center tie rod 3 mm further out, for this you have to mill the middle hole oval.

The best way to do this is to dismount the steering plate and mill on the router table the hole 3 mm outwards. If you do not have this option, you can sign off and do it in "the house, garden and kitchen way" with a dremel cutter or with a file. When you reassemble the ball you have to turn it out 3 full turns, then the crossbar is also exactly 3 mm longer and the tracking remains unchanged. Because small differences in the rod length have a large effect on the track, we recommend that you always check the track after these adjustments, the wheels must be parallel with a tolerance of up to 2 mm. The bar extenders cost Euro 5 per set including bolts, ball heads cost Euro 7.50 each. If you don't want to drill and mill, you could also assemble a whole new set of steering plates. these will be available after the holiday at the end of August for euro 40 per set left + right. You can also have the conversion done in our workshop, it is about an hour (a 50 euros) work. New bicycles are now standard equipped with this steering geometry.


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